Important COVID-19 update

In accordance with current Industry guidelines and to ensure the health and safety of both our team and our patient's, we have currently postponed all non-critical eye appointments.  However we will always be available for urgent eye care throughout this COVID-19 pandemic.


Some examples of urgent eye care include: you have broken your glasses and you cannot function without them, you are experiencing any sudden loss or changes to your vision, you have sudden onset of double vision, you have experienced eye trauma or ocular foreign body, you have eye pain or red eye, you are experiencing flashes of light or floaters in your vision.

If you believe you have an urgent eye condition, or would like to speak to an Optometrist during this time, please ring 8726 9977 and our phones will divert directly to Gemma herself.  You can also reach us at  

We hope that everyone is remaining positive, healthy and safe during this stressful time, and we look forward to your continued support once we are able to consult normally once more.