Our Eye Health Philosophy

At Beaconsfield Eyecare we are committed to providing a thorough health check of your eyes to
detect conditions such as cataract, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and Age Related Macula
Degeneration (ARMD) among others. We can also check and offer advice on dry eye disease and
digital eye strain. We use a combination of our years of clinical experience combined with the latest
technology to help us perform a comprehensive eye examination and determine the best course of
treatment for your eyes. We have a close working relationship with local GPs and Ophthalmologists
for a complete management plan of your eye health. In particular, Gemma feels the eye health of
her patients is of the utmost importance and likes to be easily accessible in case of any eye
emergencies. That’s why you can always contact her directly via email, Facebook, our webpage, and
our phone number is always diverted to her mobile phone during any periods of lockdown.

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

OCT is the most advanced form of retinal imaging to date.  Unlike photography, which captures a 2D colour photo of the surface of the retina, the OCT takes a cross-sectional scan of the underlying layers of the retina that are not otherwise visible to the Optometrist.  This advanced technology provides valuable information such as the thickness of the macula and the health of the optic nerve fibres.  This means Optometrists can now detect eye diseases such as glaucoma, diabetic macula oedema and Age Related Macula degeneration (ARMD) earlier than ever before. To book a bulk billed appointment simply contact us or phone 8726 9977.


Dry Eye Assessment


Dry eye disease is a common condition that can affect your eyes at any age, although it occurs more commonly as we get older and is a side effect of many medications.  Many people also have dry eyes after staring at computer screens or devices for a long time.  You may experience symptoms such as a stinging or burning sensation, a gritty foreign body feeling, itching in the corners of your eyes, redness and blurred vision to name just a few.  There are a myriad of treatment options available, but unless you know the underlying cause and type of dryness, how do you know which is the best treatment for you?  We employ the latest technology to do a complete dry eye work up of your eyes, which includes measuring your tear volume, the quality of your meibomian tear glands, the quality of your blink (yes, that matters!) and how quickly your tears begin to evaporate.  All this can now be done quickly and easily without needing to instil any eye drops (although eye drops are still used in other parts of your comprehensive eye test).  Our Optometrists can then recommend a treatment plan to best suit your needs.




Often the Optometrist detects areas of interest when examining your eyes.  Whether it's a naevus (freckle) on the eye, a unique appearance of the optic nerve, evidence of diabetes on the retina, or something else, your Optometrist may take a colour photograph to keep with your records for future comparison.  It's another way we at Beaconsfield Eyecare monitor the ongoing health of your eyes.


Digital Eye Strain.

Whether we like it or not, long hours on computers and other devices are a part of our lives for many of us in this modern world, including children.  Our Optometrists can perform a thorough check of your eyes and recommend a suitable option if required.  This may include specialised lenses for your glasses to help relax your eyes, which may include a blue light coating if required.  We can also offer advice on ergonomics and how to reduce your eye strain.